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Digitally printed brighter lifelike coloured stickers are an effective way to advertise your company or your products. Self adhesive vinyl can be used for window graphics, exhibition stands, vehicle graphics and hoarding boards. We have stickers for long or short term purposes. Perforated stickers are excellent way to cover windows, still offering visibility through the windows. We also offer special stickers for floor graphics. we also offer a laminating service this will provide UV and increase life expectancy,  2020 graphics  provides full installation servicel.


Price:    € 14/sqm without lamination.

PVC & Banners

“… use size to effectively deliver your message …”

PVC banner. It is the most popular print material offering bright colours and cost effective method to advertise your products. All banners are finished according to the customer requests  ready to install: all edges are hemmed, if extra strengthened is needed we will add polyester cord edges with eyelets or  pockets on the sides. PVC banners are easy to clean and very durable this Material is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. We can offer PVC banner without joints of 3.2x60m wider banners are done by adding 2 or more banners together to the desirable size. 2020 ghraphics also offers fire resistant PVC (mostly to meet exhibition requirements). Printing PVC banner 2020 graphics


Price: €14/sqm for ready to install banner.




Quick price look up:

PVC banner                                      € 14


PVC mesh                                      € 16


Self adhesive vinyl                               € 14


Self adhesive vinyl + lamination           € 26


Perforated vinyl                                    € 17


Roll-up banner stand

(full set with your design printed)         € 80


Wallpaper                                            € 19


Canva prints                                        € 20



Prices  € / sqm excluding VAT and delivery

PVC mesh / Building Wrap

As a new exterior solution, 2020 graphics offers facade mesh which offers vibrant colours versatility in how and where it is used, we use the highest quality materials suitable for all applications and locations, wery easy to clean has excellent UV protection with a manufacturer’s 5 year warranty, it also has a fire proof certification. Printed meshes banners are ready to install. 2020 graphics offers full installation service.


Price: €16/sqm for ready to install mesh banner.

Self adhesive vinyl

Wallpaper and Canvas. Digitally printed bright coloured wallpaper is effective way to advertise your company or your products or to bring variety into your home or Business. Photo wallpaper will be installed in the same way as usual wallpapers. We stock different surface structures materials. Eco solvent inks are used, which are environmentally friendly and and safe.


Wallpaper price:  €19/sqm


Canvas price:   €20/sqm

Interior printing solutions

“… Easy Payment terms  available”

Contact us to find out more about Graphics Rental.

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