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Distinctive Print

“… specialist finishes add distinction to your print …”

When your items need to stand out, you can do it in style with our range of specialist finishes, from die stamping and embossing to foiling. These finishes are guaranteed to add distinction to your print and are all carried out with the same care and attention to detail as all our work.

Die Stamping

Also known as engraving from the use of engraved metal dies to produce the impression, die stamping will deliver a distinguished raised feel to your print. We offer the highest quality die stamping in an exquisite range of colours on some of the finest papers and boards available. Your stationery will be noted for its elegance and quality.


With a subtle touch that gives your print another dimension, blind embossing uses an engraved die to indent an image on paper or board and can be applied to logos, emblems and crests as well as text. Combine embossing with foiling or printing to create an outstanding effect and your stationery will stand out in more ways than one.

UV Varnishing

In this process a varnish is applied to selected areas of print or across the entire piece. The varnish is then cured with UV light leaving a hard gloss shine where applied and has the effect of lifting the image on a printed piece.

Film Laminating

A matt or gloss film is applied to the paper or board post-print to enhance the look and feel of the piece as well as protecting and strengthening the surface. Typically used for business cards, report covers and folders and of course menus.

Our sales team are waiting for your call now on 26 600 490 or use our online quick contact request a print quote form below now.